Russia to Test One of the Most Powerful Guns in the World

The Malka, one of the most powerful self-propelled guns in the world, is a modernised version of the 2S7 Pion (“peony”). It can fire 2.5 203 mm rounds per minute, and its ammunition load is eight projectiles -requiring at least 7 people to operate the weapon.

A new version of the Malka self-propelled artillery will be tested by the end of the Year, Dmitry Semizorov head of the Uralstransmash (part of the Uralvagonzavod), which manufactures the weapons, said on Monday.

“This December, we are completing a major overhaul with a deep modernisation of the gun: import substitution was carried out and new instrument systems were installed. Next year we will prepare for the serial production of these artillery systems”, Semizorov said.

​The 46.5-tonnes gun is capable of using high-explosive shells, RAP ammunition, anti-concrete high explosive shells (fort busters), gas projectiles, and also nuclear-arms projectiles.