Iraq insurgency: Shi’ite militias and others launch attacks on US targets in the country

An attack appears to have been carried out by Shiite militias in Iraq in response to the killing of Major General Kassem Soleimani. According to information so far circulated on social networks, five attacks have targeted important sites. This is a rebellion against the American presence in Iraq that will not be easy to contain.

The attacks targeted the US embassy in Baghdad, a suburb of the Iraqi capital (Al-Jadirya), Balad Air Force Base, about 80 kilometers north of Baghdad, a military base in Mosul (Al-Kindi) and the former presidential palace. Six rockets also hit the former Presidential Palace in Mosul, which hosts US forces.

Also of interest is a warning from Iraqi Hezbollah (no relation to Lebanon’s Hezbollah) calling on Iraqi security forces to withdraw at least one kilometer from US military bases on Sunday afternoon. At the same time, another pro-Iranian militia warns that it will begin targeting US troops in Iraq by Sunday.

The fact that the situation is very serious also comes from the news that the “Revolutionary Guards” have begun evacuating the “Assad Military Academy” in Aleppo, Syria, fearing US aerial retaliation attacks, in anticipation of what will be announced … according to Iran’s “agenda” for avenging the death of its most prominent general.

Earlier, Greek agency AMNA had transmitted: Many rockets hit Baghdad’s Green Zone today, a well-guarded area where many foreign embassies and government buildings are located, the Jadriya district of the Iraqi capital, the Iraqi capital, Iraq’s armed forces announced.

The Iraqi authorities assured that no persons had been killed. “Many rockets targeted the Ceremonial Square and the Jadriya area in Baghdad as well as the Balad air base in Salahadin province, with no loss of life. Further details will follow. ”

These attacks occurred almost simultaneously. Two missiles landed in the Green Zone and two Katyusha rockets at the huge air base north of the Iraqi capital, which hosts US troops and US aircraft. Immediately afterwards, unmanned US aircraft flew over the base, performing a reconnaissance mission, the French agency quoted security services as saying.

This week, the United States increased its forces in Iraq to protect its diplomats and soldiers. Anti-American sentiment in the country, fueled by pro-Iranian forces, was rekindled by the death of Iranian General Kassem Suleimani in a US air raid in Baghdad on Friday.


Calls for “revenge” have multiplied in Baghdad and Tehran. Washington has for many months believed that the armed pro-Iranian factions in Iraq are more dangerous to American interests than Islamic State jihadists.

Since the end of October, there have been 13 rocket attacks on US interests in Iraq. On October 27, a US subcontractor was killed on a base in central Iraq. No organization has claimed responsibility, but the United States blames the pro-Iranian components of the Hussein al-Shaabi militia (People’s Mobilization Forces).