Iran mulls 13 revenge scenarios against US

Iran has a list of thirteen potential “revenge scenarios” that it is considering against the US, Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s powerful Supreme National Security Council, said Tuesday.

“The Americans should know that until now, 13 revenge scenarios have been discussed in the Council and even if there is a consensus on the weakest scenario, carrying it out can be a historic nightmare for the Americans,” Iran’s Fars News Agency cited Shamkhani as saying, according to Reuters.
The top Iranian security official did not give details on what these responses might be. Earlier, speaking to a Syrian official in Tehran, he hinted that Iran would “certainly give a military response but it will not solely remain limited to military measures,” and added that America would ‘soon understand’ that killing Soleimani made things more dangerous for them than when he was alive.

Shamkhani also praised the Iraqi parliament’s motion to boot US troops out of the country, saying the resolution was a “hard slap in the face of Trump and his team of criminals.” According to the official, once the Iraqi resolution steps into force, the continued US presence in Iraq will be “tantamount to occupation”.

‘Harsh Vengeance Awaits’
Iranian officials have warned that the 3 January drone strike attack on the Quds Force commander in Baghdad would not go unanswered. Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has warned that “harsh vengeance awaits the criminals” that killed Soleimani.

Earlier, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Commander Gholamali Abuhamzeh said that 35 US targets in the region, as well as Washington’s Israeli allies, were “within the reach” of Iran’s missiles on the event of conflict. Meanwhile, Esmail Qaani, the officer succeeding Soleimani as commander of the Quds Force, vowed that Quds’ mission is “to remove America from the region.”