Kurdistan region caught in Iran-US crossfire, missile remnants recovered

The Kurdistan Region is being caught in the crossfire of US-Iran rivalry it has played no part in, a Ministry of Peshmerga affairs official has said, after Iran launched a number of missiles at bases in Iraq hosting US-led Coalition troops – two of which struck the Kurdistan Region.

“Unfortunately, Iraq has become the center of the rivalries. With the Kurdistan Region being part of Iraq, we are sure to get hit by the fire – despite it being true that the Kurdistan Region is not involved with the existing rivalry, nor will it be involved,” Lieutenant General Jabbar Yawar, Secretary General of Ministry of Peshmerga told local media on Wednesday.

One of the missiles fired by Iran landed approximately 5 kilometers from Erbil International Airport, but did not explode. Another fell near the town of Bardarash, 50 kilometers from the Kurdistan Region capital.

No casualties have been recorded in the Kurdistan Region, Yawar said, despite the use of more powerful weaponry by Iran.

“This is a dangerous development because of the usage of ballistic missiles…We hope it doesn’t evolve beyond this,” Yawar added.

Meanwhile, remnants of an Iranian missile were collected by Kurdish security forces, 2 kilometers from the town centre of Bardarash, Duhok province.