Greece, US negotiations on purchase of F-35s squadron to be launched soon

Negotiations between the Greek and US side on the purchase of an F-35s squadron will soon begin, Defence Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos said on Thursday in a statement to SKAI TV.

He estimated that “with the modernisation of the F-16s, the support of the Mirage and the launch of the process for acquiring the F-35s, we can really now even talk about terms of regaining supremacy over Turkey.”

Concerning the initiatives the US is expected to take to reduce tension between Greece and Turkey, Panagiotopoulos noted that “it is not necessary for President Trump to pick up the phone and talk to Erdogan, there are many channels of communication, which can be activated.”

Asked about the “red lines” the Greek side raised during discussions with US officials on the Turkish provocations, Panagiotopoulos reiterated: “We have clearly and unequivocally stated that there are limits. If the Turkish side continues to dispute our sovereign rights, then we will even proceed to a dynamic response.”