Mysterious missile part found among wreckage of Ukrainian plane crash

The Ukrainian Boeing 737 was probably shot down by an Iranian-made Russian missile Tor-M1 over Parand and crashed into Khalaj Abad. The Ukrainian aircraft was carrying 177 people who were all killed. The aircraft crashed a few minutes after taking off from Tehran airport to Kiev.

Iranian media have published suspicious images. One suspected object found in the wreckage appears to be a 9M331 rocket portion of the TOR-M1 anti-aircraft system. Many amateur videos also show an explosion in the still dark sky. Meanwhile, the Iranians have found both “black” boxes of the aircraft but say they will not allow access to foreigners, not even to the Ukrainian company. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, for his part, has left everything open for the possibility of the plane crash.

At the same time, US-based AIREON aircraft flight tracking company has collected data on the flight path of the Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA) Boeing 737 NG aircraft that crashed in Tehran. AIREON has made this information available to the competent authorities, as stated by its representative.

The company’s aircraft tracking system operates on the basis of data provided by a satellite network in more detail than the data provided by relevant web pages such as the FlightRadar24 page. Experts’ interest in examining the causes of the plane crash is in the final minutes of the fatal flight.