The first VIDEO to refer to the scenario that the Ukrainian Boeing 737 was shot down (vid)

Since the crash of the Ukrainian Boeing 737 shortly after its take-off from Tehran Airport, there have been a number of scenarios that maintain that the downing of the aircraft was actually caused by an Iranian TOR-M1 SAM missile. The video that Al Jazeera published seems to reinforce these scenarios.

The video clearly shows a lighted object hitting the aircraft and causing an explosion, while the sound of the explosion is clearly heard. The view that the aircraft was shot down by Iranian fire was adopted by Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau from the outset, while Ukrainian President Jelenski left the possibility open.

According to some sources, the Iranians considered the aircraft was a US military aircraft, and that’s why they opened fire. After all, the plane crashed on the day Iran fired rockets against US bases in Iraq and it is likely Iran feared an immediate US retaliation.

Video appears to show Ukraine plane being hit

Newly surfaced video appears to show the moment a Ukrainian airliner may have been hit by a missile in Iran before crashing near Tehran on Wednesday.

Gepostet von Al Jazeera English am Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2020