Turkish media: Russian mercs leaving Haftar

Wagner’s Russian mercenaries began to leave Libya, Turkish sources said. According to a report by the Daily Sabah, the head of the forces supporting Fayez Al-Saraj, Nasir Ammar, has announced that the gradual withdrawal of Russian Wagner troops assisting the Libyan Khafar National Army forces has begun.

As Ammar said, part of the Russian mercenaries left helicopters from the front to the base of Jufra, while others remained to provide cover during the departure.

At the same time, according to the Anadolu agency, the Turkish foreign minister asked Russia to persuade Khalifa Haftar to accept the ceasefire agreed by Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin.

It has been reported that Khalifa Haftar rejected the ceasefire as his forces are too close to complete the operation to liberate Tripoli from the Muslim Brotherhood of Fayez Al Sharaz.