Abu Dhabi crown prince: Egyptian army protects all Arabs

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed on Wednesday hailed the opening of Berenice military base in Egypt’s Red Sea governorate, which he attended, saying that the Egyptian armed forces is a defensive wall for all Arabs

“The Egyptian armed forces are not only a shield for sisterly Egypt, but rather a force for the entire Arab world, because the power of Egypt is power for all Arabs.

Mohamed bin Zayed in earlier tweets praised the opening of the base, saying “We share our Egyptian brothers’ pride in their national, developmental and cultural achievements.”

“I arrived in the Red Sea Governorate to attend the opening of the Berenice military base at the invitation of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.”

I was happy to accompany the Egyptian President during the opening of the Berenice military base and civilian airport. Such achievements reflect Egypt’s vision of all-round development and enhance its role in regional stability. We wish it more progress and prosperity.”

The Berenice military base in Egypt’s southeastern governorate Red Sea governorate has an airbase and a naval base, according to local media, and was built over a course of a year on 150,000 feddans (155,676 acres).

It aims to protect investments and natural resources and for facing security threats in the Red Sea. It also aims to secure the international navigation between the Red Sea and the Suez Canal linking the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.