Egypt’s armed forces carry out combat missions as part of ‘Qader 2020’ drills

The Egyptian armed forces’ second and third field armies carried out several combat missions on Tuesday, as part of the “Qader 2020” drills, a statement read.

According to the statement, the training activities began with raising combat readiness and inspection by participating forces, followed by the second field army conducting a number of raids on terrorist hotbeds in northern Sinai.

It also included intensifying security measures in tunnels, crossings and ferries along watercourses of the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean in cooperation with air and naval forces.

The third field army’s forces executed a number of training activities and raids of terrorist hideouts in central Sinai along with continued security at watercourses of the Suez Canal, the Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel, the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba, in cooperation with naval and air forces, which also secured vital areas and potential terrorist targets in central and southern Sinai.

The Egyptian southern military zone forces raised readiness and executed a tactical training with a live shooting range while securing southern borders with Sudan and Libya, the statement added.

Qader 2020 comes under Egypt’s progress in the fighting spirits of the armed forces’ formations and units and ability to execute missions.