Idlib: 40 killed in clashes between regime forces and rebel factions

The Syrian Observatory sources reported that violent clashes continued on frontlines in the eastern sector of rural Idlib, took place between regime forces and loyalists on one hand, and opposition factions and jihadist groups on the other, in an ongoing attack by regime forces to capture more areas after military operations resumed on Wednesday.

Regime forces were able to advance and captured the villages of Abu Jreif and Tal Khatra, east of Saraqeb town and south of Ma’rat al-Numan city, with intinsive air and ground support, meanwhile, intensive airstrikes continue on frontlines by Russian aircraft, Maarat Al-Nu’man city and villages in rural Abu Dohur were targeted.

SOHR documented heavy casualties on both sides, at least 22 fighters of opposition faction, including 19 jihadists, were killed as a result of air and ground bombardment and clashes.

At least 17 members of regime forces and loyalists were killed during the fighting since yesterday evening, regime forces are about seven km away from Ma’rat al-Numan city, and about 17 km away from Saraqeb town.