Greek FM: Greece will support Libya militarily

Full agreement was reached at the meeting of the Greek Foreign Minister with General Khalifa Haftar, as Nikos Dendias said.

“We had a long conversation with General Haftar on all issues. The situation in Libya, the conference in Berlin and the next day in Libya and the surrounding area. We want a ceasefire, the removal of mercenaries and the cancellation of illegal memoranda,” the foreign minister said shortly after the meeting.

And he went on: “It is fortunate that Haftar has agreed to all of the above. I told him that Greece was ready to help the next day in Libya either with forces to safeguard the truce or with the help of lifting the arms embargo. All of this is a contribution to the future of the Libyan people. We want it to be a modern democratic country.”

At the same time, the Foreign Minister said that Greece is not a member of the Berlin process for Libya but “we continue to believe that the hostess would see our participation as something positive”.

As Nikos Dendias explained, Greece expects Germany to express its position on the invalidity of the Turkey-Tripoli Memorandums. “We expect Germany to be the guardian. Our common European position recognizes the invalidity of the Memorandums. We expect, as Europeans, from Germany, to express this position, as well as the other participating countries,” the Foreign Minister underlined.