Hellenic Navy: Italian firm Leonardo’s impressive torpedo bid

As the supply of new heavy-duty torpedoes for the equipment of the four Type 214 submarines and one Okeanos class (Type 209/1200 AIP [Air Independent Propulsion]) submarines enters the final stretch, Italian firm Leonardo has tendered an impressive new offer.

Reportedly, the offer includes the supply of 45 new, Black Shark Advanced (BSA / Nuovo Siluro Pesante) HWT(Heavy-Weight Torpedo) torpedoes at a cost equal to the budget for 36 torpedoes. In simple math, for the same budget Leonardo offers a 25% increase in torpedoes. At the same time, according to the same information, it offers a € 10m project for the Greek defense industry…

The configuration of the torpedoes in the combat system of the two types of submarines and the delivery of the first 12-torpedo units will take place within 16 months of the contract being activated, as there is currently an active Black Shark Advanced torpedo production line for the Italian Navy and naval forces of other countries. The rest of the torpedoes will be delivered in lots every eight months.

The offer also includes:

> Provision and installation on five submarine (one for each submarine) of the HWT Launching Network.
> Complete integration in the PAPANIKOLIS and OKEANOS submarines with the ISUS 90 battle system with which the submarines are equipped. According to the Italian company, such a project was successfully completed in Type 209 submarines operated by another country.

Leonardo’s offer places particular emphasis on the completion of torpedoes, and it is noted that the work will be performed by Leonardo without any modification or interference with ISUS 90 system software or any other action that could be used as a basis for claiming the manufacturer of the combat system for infringement of intellectual property.

> Providing technical literature and training (including school organization) for Navy personnel.
> Providing support and testing equipment, special tools and spare parts for a period of two years, so that the Navy can gain autonomy and independence in the maintenance and support of torpedoes without the need for third party intervention.

> Providing training materials and in particular two lithium polymer battery (LiPO) exercise systems (allowing up to 100 shots) and two training warheads so that two torpedoes can be modified for training use.
> Ten collections of consumables for testing
> The relevant testing and acceptance services.

Leonardo’s offer also clearly mentions its commitment to involve the Greek defense industry in the program in areas such as:
> the production of mechanical and electrical components for torpedoes (such as body parts, cables, integrated circuit cards, etc.)
> production of support and testing equipment
> assembly of torpedo parts (including propulsion battery)
> Final tests of the torpedo parts and the complete weapon as a whole.

This will create a high quality supply chain in Greece that will increase security of supply but also allow industrial work to be carried out for Leonardo’s programs in other countries.

It is reported that within this month Leonardo together with the Italian Navy will present to the Hellenic Navy General Staff a special presentation with emphasis on the operational and technical characteristics of the BSA and the results of the tests conducted by the Italian Navy.