Libya: LNA jets strike ship allegedly carrying Turkish arms to Tripoli (vid)

Libyan National Army fighter jets bombed a ship allegedly carrying weapons and ammunition off the coast of Tripoli, without specifying the type of weapons.

Rumors are spreading about the possibility of Turkish anti-aircraft systems being transported, though this is probably unlikely.

Russian sources reported the news of a possible new shipment of Turkish anti-aircraft weapons. Of course, Turkey has already transferred several Hawk and Korkut systems to Libya.

Libyan Air Force MiG-23 fighter jets fired X-23 missiles, destroying a merchant ship carrying unidentified weapons and ammunition from Turkey to the Libyan national government off Tripoli.

Videos show the deck of an unknown merchant ship burnt down, with no information on victims or material damage.

According to some reports, the ship was full of weapons and ammunition for the Turkish mercenaries and forces of the Libyan national unity government and had sailed from Turkey the previous days.

Russian sources say the ship was hit in the Libyan territorial waters, while LNA forces have already warned that they will not hesitate to sink all ships attempting to enter the country’s territorial waters without the required authorization.