Libya: Haftar’s enemies’ disinformation campaign reaches new heights

The spread of disinformation on the part of the group of countries that support the “Tripoli government”, namely Turkey and Qatar, has reached new heights! Following the announcement of Israeli Mossad’s contacts with Haftar with the mediation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to supply his forces with military equipment, a new report comes out that “reveals” the deterioration of relations between Khafar Egyptian President Sisi, because, of the failed military operation to overthrow Sarraj!

An Algerian source speaking on a well-known website specializing in Middle Eastern affairs, which maintains privileged relations with Qatar, said Egypt might “reconsider” its relations with Khalifa Haftar! The first step is to transfer the authority of dealing with him to the Egyptian military intelligence.

Referring to the evidence, it is conveniently ignored that this service simply cannot be separated from the country’s presidency, at least as long as there is a former chief in command of the Egyptian land forces as president, and one who has  had a considerable term of office as head of the intelligence agencies!

Also, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has reportedly canceled a meeting with Haftar recently. And Al Araby Al Jadeed newspaper reported that Sisi’s telephone contact with Haftar in the days preceding the Berlin Conference was too short. The best part of the “reportage” is that this information is allegedly confirmed by an Egyptian diplomatic source!

To give further credence to the narrative, it is speculated that this deterioration in relations with the Egyptians may have been the motive for Haftar seeking support in other countries, such as Russia and Greece!

However, apparently to emphasize Haftar’s alleged “isolation”, Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ statements are quoted as “encouraging [Haftar] to sign a ceasefire” and adopting a constructive approach at the Berlin Conference following emphasis on the need for a political solution to the problem.

A few days ago Middle East Monitor website reported that Israeli foreign intelligence agency Mossad was involved in equipping Libyan army commander Khalifa Haftar. Haftar allegedly contacted Mossad agents at an appointment arranged with United Arab Emirates (UAE) intervention, apparently through their own services.

According to the report, the leak was made by a senior Haftar official who spoke to The New Arab about meetings that took place in the last two years. The Haftar side is said to have secured, among other things, rifles and night vision equipment.

The post looks reasonable if you consider the well-known countries that ally with one side or the other. However, the site is said to maintain privileged relations with Qatar, which is affiliated with Turkey and the “government of Tripoli”.

Combined with the fact that the most successful fake news is based on plausible scripts, it is logical to keep distances from the post. Why didn’t the aid, for example, come through Egypt? As is the case in the Middle East, the reference to the words Israel and Mossad sometimes provoke negative reflexes. This could be part of the Turkey-led conflict-driven news drive.

In any war, small or large, the first casualty is the truth. The conflict in Libya could not be an exception. It all shows that by leveraging the “coffers” of Qatar, the Turks have engendered a massive spreading of false news about the Libyan conflict and the interests of Erdogan’s country in the region.

However, the whole endeavor is characterized by extreme amateurism. The parody of Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency on the supposed discussion with Italians about boreholes is very recent … At some point, the financiers of such aspiring psychological operations may realize that there are far more profitable investments for their funding.