Merkel’s delight from Erdogan’s gift: Dazzling the natives with mirrors and beads

Angela Merkel acted like a delighted child when she received a gift from Tayyip Erdogan at the end of her speech at a reception at the German-Turkish University in Istanbul.

At first Merkel looked stunned when they brought her a wooden box. She turned for a moment with a puzzled look at her host, then turned around again and when the content was shown to her, she rushed to grab it.

It was a bronze mirror, which she grasped and grimaced like a toddler, who had just received a gift from Santa Claus, and hid her face. She looked at both sides with obvious glees, under the applause of Tayyip Erdogan and those present, and then she restored it to its case with a wide smile of satisfaction on her face.

For the story, the mirror donated by the Turkish president to the German Chancellor costs 2,395 Turkish pounds, or about 365 euros.