Turkish Air Force violates Greek airspace 57 times (28/01)

The Turkish air force committed a total of 57 violations of the Greek national airspace, with 11 F-16 fighter jets illegally entering into the northeast, central and southeastern Aegean on Tuesday.

The violations resulted in dog fights over the Aegean Sea with Greek F-16 fighter jets.

The Turkish aircraft (six F-16s, four F-4s and one CN-235 spy-plane) also committed six infringements of the Athens Flight information region (FIR).

Three of the violations were overflights carried out by Turkish F-16s over the islands of Leipsoi and Arkoi.

Six of the Turkish fighter jets were armed. As the Hellenic National Defence General Staff reported, the aggressor aircraft were identified and successfully intercepted after HAF aircraft scrambled, in accordance with international rules of engagement.