Turkey sent ISIS to Libya who then tried to get to Europe

A Syrian ISIS fighter who Turkey sent to Libya was arrested on his way to Europe, according to the spokesman of the Libyan National Army (LNA).

Turkey is backing the LNA’s rival Tripoli-based Government of National Accord and sent troops to support it against an LNA offensive led by Gen. Khalifa Haftar earlier this month. In addition to a small number of Turkish military personnel, Ankara has ferried over pro-Turkish Syrian fighters – described as mercenaries by some – to Libya.

One of these fighters was an ISIS member who had escaped prison in Syria when Turkish forces attacked the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, said LNA spokesman Maj. Gen. Ahmed al-Mismari.

According to al-Mismari, the ISIS member had then tried to reach Europe, but was arrested en route. No other information was given.

Al-Mismari added that Turkey has been sending “terrorists” to Libya in “violation of international law and the decisions of the Berlin Conference.” The warring Libyan sides met in Berlin last month but failed to make progress on ceasefire talks.