Turkish ship transports heavy weapons to Tripoli

Lt. Col. Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) forces report that a ship carrying Turkish arms and armored vehicles arrived at the port of Tripoli on Wednesday, January 28th.The complaint was made by Libyan National Army spokesman Ahmed al-Mismar.

In fact, LNA’s Twitter account posted videos claiming they were taken in the hold of the ship and showing armored vehicles. It is a Turkish invasion that violates every rule of international law, the LNA said.

The Libya Report even publishes photos and videos of vehicles as well as large packages wrapped in black tape through the ship’s hold.

The photos reveal that inside the cargo ship, ACV-15 APCs, 155 mm T155 Firtina self-propelled guns, lorries with tarps that could be 122mm  Sakarya T122 Missile Launchers, 35 mm GDF-003 antiaircraft guns, etc. Although the weapons are constructed in Turkey they all use components made other countries that have called for an arms embargo on Libya.

Turkey’s violation of the Libyan arms embargo, as agreed at the Berlin Conference, was earlier denounced by a French military source.

In particular, he complained that the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier discovered a Turkish frigate off the Libyan coast on Wednesday escorting a cargo ship carrying armored personnel carriers.