Turkey in conflict with Syria: Balance of power favors Ankara … What will Russia do?

In the event of a direct Turkey-Syria conflict, the balance of power is not in favor of the Syrian army, military experts say, according to analyses hosted by Russian media. To date, the Syrian army has been exhausted by war says, military expert, Dr. in military science Anatoly Matvitchuk for VZGLYAD newspaper.

“The number of Assad’s troops today is between 250,000 and 300,000. There are hardly any backups, ”the expert explained. The Syrian army is armed with a small number of modern T-72 armor, no more than 40-50 units.

In addition, there are some units of modern air defense systems from Russia. “Such a small army, of course, needs aviation support. In fact, the Syrians do not have their own aircraft, so they rely entirely on Russian air forces, Matviychuk said.

The Iranian military acting in Syria and their allies from the Lebanese Hezbollah organization are also worth mentioning. The official strength of the Revolutionary Guards and allied forces in the Syrian theater of operations is unknown, but sources suggest 80,000 soldiers.

On the other hand, “the Turkish army today is about 680 thousand people. In addition, they have reserves of about 330-400 thousand people, [they have] about 1,200 German Leopard A-2 armor [sic, means modern MBTs] and excellent F-16 and F-4 Phantom aircraft, ”said Matvitchuk. “When we compare the two, it is obvious that the Turkish army is much better prepared than Assad’s troops and in the event of direct confrontation, it will of course win.”

But the question is, will Russia allow Turkey to do that? “Russia will fulfill its allied obligations to Syria, despite Ankara’s military and political actions,” the Russian media source said.