Foreign Affairs: Greek PM Mitsotakis ineffective dealing with Turkey

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has failed to get any commitment from allies to take Greece’s side in its dispute with Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, analyst Yiannis Baboulias wrote for Foreign Policy on Monday.

Tensions have risen between Turkey and Greece since November when Ankara signed an accord with Libya’s internationally recognised government that claimed a Turkish exclusive economic zone which ignored Greek territory around several of its islands, including Crete.

“The result has been one of the greatest diplomatic and political crises in recent Greek history, exposing the country’s international weakness,” Baboulias said.

Mitsotakis has failed to win over the United States, or its European allies to support Greek interests in the region, Baboulias said, pointing out that that the Greek government was not even invited to an international peace conference on Libya in Berlin last month.

“It seems that Mitsotakis’s approach to diplomacy hasn’t done Greece any favours, wasting the extent of clout it has at its disposal,” the analyst said.