Iran minister’s space suit exposed as a $20 Halloween costume on Twitter

Iran’s Minister of Information and Communications Technology posted a picture of Iran’s space suit on his Twitter account on Tuesday with the caption “Astronaut costume #bright_future”.

Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi, a former intelligence officer and currently the youngest member of Iran’s cabinet, didn’t manage to stir up a wave of national pride.

Instead, users scrutinized the picture and realized the space suit was in fact a $20 Halloween costume available for purchase on and other online retailers.

The only differences between the two are slight but clearly noticeable. The Iranian suit removed the NASA logos and the US flag on the left arm from the Halloween costume and you can clearly see the stitches where they used to be and stitched an Iranian flag on the right arm which is not even a symmetric rectangle.

While Hadi Nili, a journalist who covers the US for BBC Persian, reminded people that US magazine Foreign Policy had once called Jahromi “Iran’s Macron”.

Tehran announced on Monday that it will launch a satellite into orbit by the end of this week. This comes after at least two failed satellite launches last year.