Lockheed Martin welcomes Poland’s F-35 acquisition

Last week, Poland signed a Letter of Offer and Acceptance for the purchase of 32 F-35A aircraft, becoming the latest nation to join the F-35 family. With this acquisition, Poland is the 14th country and 10th NATO member to select the F-35, a testament to the U.S. and Polish governments’ confidence in our program’s ability to deliver on our commitments.

Greg Ulmer, Vice President for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Aircraft Production Business Unit, responsible for global F-35 production, welcomed Poland to the F-35 family

“I am proud to know the Polish Air Force will safeguard European skies in the F-35 in the near future, with aircraft deliveries beginning in 2026. As a fully interoperable aircraft with NATO and other allied assets, the F-35 ensures Poland’s national security, ability to build coalitions and maintain peacekeeping operations for decades to come.

Lockheed Martin has been a strategic partner for Poland’s national and NATO defense needs for more than 20 years. The selection of the F-35 program continues this successful relationship by not only strengthening critical alliances but also driving economic growth through the future creation of high-quality, long-term employment opportunities. We look forward to working with the Polish Government and industry partners in delivering the most capable aircraft in the world.

F-35 Nation, thank you for your efforts to grow the enterprise. I am excited about this selection, and I look forward to extending the F-35 family in the years to come.