Turkey claims strikes against 115, 101 Syrian personnel killed

On February 10th, the Turkish Ministry of Defense claimed that Turkish troops had struck 115 Syrian Arab Army targets and that 101 Syrian soldiers had died.

This was in response to the death of 5 Turkish soldiers and the injury of 5 more by shelling from the Syrian Arab Army.

The statement in its entirety is the following:

“Our soldiers, which were sent as reinforcements to the Idlib region, immediately responded within the framework of the rules of engagement and legitimate defense after the recent attacks by the [Syrian] Regime.

We have learned that the 115 regime targets identified in the region have been fired upon immediately, according to the initial information obtained from various sources, 101 Regime elements [soldiers] have been neutralized, 3 tanks and 2 artillery/mortar locations were destroyed, and 1 helicopter has been hit.

Shots continue within the scope of legitimate defense against the specified targets.

The blood of our martyred and injured soldiers has not been left on the ground; it will not be left.

Those who carried out this abusive attack will be asked to account for it and our right to legitimate defense against similar attacks will be used in the harshest way possible. The developments are being closely monitored and necessary measures are being undertaken.

We extend our condolences, patience to the troubled families, Turkish Armed Forces and our noble nation, and we will immediately transport the injured to their troubled families, to our cherished martyrs who lost their lives in this incident that overwhelmed us with deep pain and sadness.”

Turkey is not attempting to hide the fact that troops are being sent to actively support and assist the Al-Qaeda affiliated militants in the region.