Syria: US patrol kills Syrian in confrontation in Khirbet Amo

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) sources report that a US patrol managed to withdraw from the village of Khirbet Amo, east of al-Qamishli, after it was besieged by local residents and local militia members loyal to Assad.

Meanwhile, US aircraft continue to fly over the area after they carried out a mock raid and breaking the sound barrier there. SOHR activists and eyewitnesses also report a Russian military column arrived in the area where the incident occurred, in light of what happened on Wednesday afternoon.

SOHR reported that there was great tension in the Al- Qamishli area in rural al-Hasakah. Syrian Observatory sources said that a group of regime loyalists from Khirbet Amo village, east of Qamishli, accompanied by armed men loyalists to regime forces intercepted the US patrol in the area there.

Regime loyalists fired in the air, and then the US patrol fired smoke bombs. The incident evolved dramatically when US forces opened fire, killing a person who remains unidentified and it is unclear whether he was a civilian or regime-backed militiaman.

Information was received that Russian patrol headed to the scene to resolve the tension.