Airstrikes destroy IRGC Quds Force HQ, warehouse at Damascus airport

ImageSat International (ISI) reported on Monday evening that heavy damage was inflicted upon Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) sites at Damascus International Airport on February 13. Airstrikes appear to have hit warehouses, a shelter, headquarters and infrastructure.

The airstrikes were reported in regional media, such as Turkey’s Anadolu. Reports indicated that seven people were killed, including four Iranian officers. The Anadolu report claimed the attack occurred after a cargo plane had landed. Syrian regime media blamed Israel and said that Syrian defenses had intercepted “hostile targets.”

According to the ISI assessment, a series of satellite photos show damage to buildings around the airport. The damage included a headquarters and warehouse near a runway. In addition, another warehouse was completely destroyed and a shelter was partially damaged.
In total, three different areas were struck.

The last airstrikes before the February 13 alleged strike were in early February, when Russia accused Israel of endangering a civilian airliner.