Cypriot French exercise TALOS 1 (vid.)

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Cyprus announced the successful completion of a joint exercise on February 17 between the National Guard and the French Armed Forces in the framework of the bilateral cooperation program.

The exercise, under the name “TALOS 1”, took place within the FIR Nicosia and in part of the National Airspace and Territory of the Republic of Cyprus. It involved ground troops from the National Guard, as well as Rafale fighter jets, which flew off by the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. This was the third cooperative exercise in recent months between the two parties.

According to Cypriot defence ministry, the successful conduct of the exercise confirms the National Guard’s upgraded level of training and operational readiness and at the same time the close cooperation of friendly and neighboring countries in meeting the contemporary security challenges and asymmetric threats in the Middle East region.

The photographic material disclosed features BUK-M1 and TOR-M1 self-propelled anti-aircraft missile systems, which were tested in the detection and acquisition of low-flying Rafale aircraft, whose mission was to attack fixed targets.

The exercise was attended by Cypriot Defense Minister Savvas Angelidis, who said, among other things: “There will be other joint exercises with France related to aviation, air defense and navy. Cypriot National Guard units will also participate, and exercises will be conducted with the participation of frigates accompanying the French aircraft carrier. I believe it will be a continuous effort aimed at upgrading the National Guard.”

A visit by French Defense Minister Florin Palin is scheduled for Tuesday, February 18, during which she will meet with the President of the Republic and his counterpart. During this visit, there will be a discussion, exchange of views and an assessment of the risks in the area and actions will be identified to continue cooperation.