Greek PM: Expanding Greece and UAE’s strategic cooperation will strengthen region’s stability

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis met on Wednesday with Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of State in the United Arab Emirates, and other officials visiting Athens.

In a joint statement, both countries discussed the launch of the Enlarged Strategic Cooperation Forum between the two countries, the strengthening of bilateral collaboration and regional developments in the area.

Mitsotakis welcomed the start of the Forum’s work, stressing that it is an excellent basis for mutually beneficial economic cooperation between the two countries, with emphasis on attracting investment and further enhancing bilateral cooperation in all areas.
On his part, Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber said that both the UAE and Greece share a common vision of prosperity, security and peace in the region, and stressed their collaboration on counter-terrorism and extremism of any kind.

“During their meeting, both men discussed ‘Expo 2020′ to be held in Dubai,” the joint announcement said, with the prime minister noting Greek businesses’ strong showing at the trade fair.

Al Jaber’s visit to Greece follows Mitsotakis’ visit to Abu Dhabi two weeks ago, while the visiting dignitary was accompanied by a delegation of nearly 30 officials specializing in several sectors, including trade, defense, agriculture, tourism, digital governance and energy. Delegation members met with their counterpart Greek ministers and officials. Greek ministers included those of Finance, Development & Investments, National Defense, Energy & Environment and Digital Governance.

In welcoming statements, Mitsotakis told the UAE officials that he has very ambitious plans for a broad and in-depth strategic partnership.

“I think this is the first opportunity for your delegation to become familiar with developments in Greece. As you know, we are a relatively new government – we have been a government for seven months – but I think the overall economic climate has already changed significantly,” the prime minister said, noting that Greece is open to investments.

“Interest in the country has already increased. Capital markets reward Greece by offering historically low borrowing rates. The rating agencies are upgrading the country, there is a general sense of optimism and we want to make sure that the UAE is part of this success story,” Mitsotakis underlined. “I think that you will leave Greece with a much better understanding of what is happening in the country,” the prime minister added.

On his part, Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber stressed that the leadership of the United Arab Emirates is very interested in and sincerely committed to exploring different areas of cooperation, promoting existing ones and moving towards a multi-faceted and in-depth strategic partnership with a great country like Greece.

“I and the delegation representing the various entities, the government and the private sector in the UAE – we are very excited about the possibilities of cooperation between our countries,” he said.

According to government sources, issues of mutual interest were extensively discussed during the meeting of government delegations of both countries, in the context of the expanded Greece-UAE strategic partnership, the strengthening of the two countries’ economic ties, as well as regional developments.