Erdogan: “Turkey cannot be limited to its borders” – Which regions he said it wants

The international community, dissidents and the media worldwide, accuse Erdogan of trying to re-establish the Ottoman Empire’s borders by acting as a destabilizing state in its neighboring countries and seizing the opportunity to “put a foot” in any countries that are at war.

In his most recent speech, the Turkish President went a step further and re-applied the doctrine that includes the motto “the borders of our heart”, referring to the Ottomans, but this time, it was not mentioned in the Aegean, but elsewhere!

Speaking a few hours ago, Erdogan, like some other Adolf Hitler, has expressed a desire to expand his country’s borders, threatening all those who want to oppose such plans. He said that “Turkey cannot be confined within its 780,000 square kilometers. Misrata, Aleppo, Homs and Hashaka are outside our natural borders but are within our physical and emotional boundaries. We will face those limiting our history in just 90 years.”