IDF kills terrorists planting bomb along Gaza border (vid)

IDF troops identified two terrorists in the Gaza Strip who were planting an explosive device next to the security fence with Israel, on Sunday morning.

The soldiers opened fire at the terrorists, and “a hit was identified,” the IDF stated.

The two terrorists were killed. No Israeli troops were injured in the incident.

Soon after, the IDF opened fire at Gazans who were attempting to retrieve the bodies.

The IDF then sent in a bulldozer and tank to retrieve the terrorist’s body.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett established a firm policy that no terrorist bodies will be returned to Hamas as long as they are holding the bodies of IDF soldiers hostage in Gaza and continue their terror attacks.

One of the Gazans attempting to retrieve the terrorist’s body was seriously wounded by the bulldozer.

This is the latest in almost daily terrorism-related incidents on the border with Gaza.

On Wednesday, Islamic Jihad snipers fired from Gaza at IDF troops inside Israel. Today’s terrorists were also associated with Islamic Jihad.

An Israeli Special Forces unit responded by targeting the sniper squad responsible for the attack.