Turkish fake news academy

In an attempt to stir a bit more controversy, Turkish media outlet TRT World published a video of its reporter Semir Sejvofic having to take cover as Greek police allegedly opened fire on the migrants at the border.

Here is the moment TRT World’s Semir Sejvofic takes cover as Greek police open fire at refugees at the Turkey-Greece border

In the first several seconds of the video, one can make out that the reporter has, in his right pocket, something that resembles the shell (at least in shape and size) that he’s seen holding in the last 10 or so seconds of the video, alleging that it was fired by Greek police at the migrants.

To provide some more concrete evidence, the following is a video of how the TRT World video of the incident was actually filmed.

Meanwhile, footage was published showing migrant children, expressing their love and support for Greece and the EU, in which they would like to enter and receive refuge.

It clearly shows that approximately half of the migrants, purportedly subject to “lethal fire” from Greek police are simply laughing and having a generally good time.

A video showed a Turkish heavy construction machine trying to build a bridge to assist migrants and “others” to pass through to Greece and the EU.


To assist in the Turkey-organized influx of migrants, a number of EU countries have pledge to send security forces to Greece.

Meanwhile, Greek farmers reportedly began spraying “pig urine” at the border fence, to supposedly protect it.


It should be added that, according to Turkey, the ceasefire in Idlib, that began on March 6th is holding successfully. Thus, the migrants have nothing to be running away from, when the “bloody Assad regime” will not be attacking them and they are under no threat, to live with the peaceful al-Qaeda-affiliated human rights activists in the Idlib province.