Turkish Coast Guard boat rams Greek Coast Guard vessel, as Turkish F-16 Jets violate airspace

The migrant standoff at the Greek-Turkish border is on-going with Greek media reporting escalations from the Turkish side.

According to reports, two Turkish F-16 fighter jets violated Greek airspace in northern Evros.

It is believed that this is the first time Turkish fighter jets have ever violated Greek airspace in Evros. The majority of these violations have taken place over the Aegean Sea for decades, but none have occurred above the land border between Greece and Turkey.

According to the Greek National Defense General Staff, two Turkish F-16 fighter jets entered the Flight Information Region of Athens in the afternoon on March 11th and flew above Greek territory in Northern Evros, where the recent border crisis between Greece and Turkey is still playing out.

At several points, the Turkish jets flew at an extremely low height of only 500 feet, in a clear attempt to provoke the Greek side.

They reportedly also harassed a Greek helicopter, as it can be seen in the video below.

Later, on the same day, two other Turkish F-16 jets violated Greek airspace yet again, flying above the Greek islets of Kalogeri, northeast of the Cycladic island of Andros.

On the evening of March 10th, near the eastern Aegean island of Kos, a Turkish speedboat rammed a Greek Coast Guard vessel.

According to a video uploaded on Twitter, the Turkish vessel is seen approaching the Greek boat at speed. A Greek officer shouts to the rest of the crew that they have been hit at the stern.

He is heard shouting: “They broke our rails. We are in our (own waters) and they hit us. They damaged our stern.”