Leading ISIS figure killed in Sinai

ISIS confirmed on March 12 that Faris al-Ansari, one of its prominent commanders in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, had been eliminated.

The terrorist group’s new agency, Amaq, didn’t provide any details on the circumstances of al-Anasri’s death. However, local sources in Sinai told the al-Arabiya TV that the commander was killed by the Egyptian military.

“Army forces managed to besiege ISIS commander inside his hideout in al-Agra area, south of Rafah, where he opened fire on the forces that responded, killed him and 5 of his companions,” a local source told the UAE-based news channel.

According to the source, al-Ansari was ISIS’ Amir [Islamic term for general commander] in Rafah. The slain commander was reportedly behind several recent terrorist attacks in the Sinai Peninsula.

ISIS activities in Sinai witnessed a sharp decrease following the Egyptian military’s Comprehensive Operation – Sinai 2018. The operation inflicted heavy losses on ISIS cells there.

The elimination of al-Ansari is another major blow to the group’s remnants in Sinai, which are now attempting to rise again.