Domestic political concerns make Erdogan hide deaths of Turkish troops in Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “hides” reliable information about the deaths of his troops in Syria in order to save his rating, said Boris Rozhin, editor-in-chief of the Kassad information and analytical center, learned

The Turkish Ministry of Defense claims to publish all information about the military losses. However, it was established that this is not entirely true: Turkish publications and journalists are being persecuted by the authorities for “objectionable truth,” writes FAN.

“Turkey has carried out various activities to underestimate its losses in Syria and Libya. Libya, for example, harassed reporters who described the deaths of the Turkish military,” Rozhin said.

According to the expert, the Turkish government is not comfortable publishing about the real losses in Syria, as they attract unnecessary attention. Rozhin noted that the losses in Idlib are regularly underestimated, since Erdogan’s rating fell all the time during Operation Source of Peace.

“Erdogan’s support fell all the more with the growth of losses and in the absence of any significant results. Attempts to belittle victims is a natural course in this situation,” the expert added.

Rozhin also noted that Erdogan will try to tighten the situation and maintain the status quo, but pressure from Russia, Syria, Iran will not allow the Turkish leader to continue this tactic. As a result, “it will end with a new offensive in Idlib and serious costs for Turkey.”

Erdogan’s policy brings dozens of deaths of military personnel in Libya. The head of Turkey denies the country’s participation in hostilities, refusing to take the bodies of the dead.