Uni-Pharma SA to distribute chloroquine-based drug Unikinon to the Greek NHS

Distribution of the chloroquine-based drug Unikinon to all coronavirus reference hospitals of the National Health System will start on Friday, pharmaceutical manufacturer Uni-Pharma SA announced on Thursday. The drug was approved for distribution by the National Organization for Medicines.

Some 24 million doses of Unikinon will be distributed and a batch of 60,000 doses will be sent to Cyprus. In a statement, Uni-Pharma SA clarified that the purchase of fine tons for the active ingredient of Unikinon was a company initiative, and it paid for the expenditure entirely on its own. The purchase of the ingredient took place on March 21, it said.

A company statement on its site said that chloroquine, along with hydroxychloroquine, are being researched globally as therapy for Covid-1, “but their effectiveness in curid Covid-19 remains under review through studies.”