DW resorts to fake claims in Greece trying to discover “Macedonian minority”

German state-owned media Deutsche Welle (DW) were recently in northern Greece and some days ago released a video called DW in Nivici: “We are Macedonians in the whole village.” The German media outlet says “Three reporters of DW from North Macedonia, Albania and Greece traveled to the border regions of the three countries and inquired about minorities.”

However, what minority were they talking about in Greece? DW says the minority they were speaking to in the Greek village of Psarades were “Macedonians,” a curious claim to make considering no such minority exists. Psarades is a small village of under 100 people on Prespa lake. The entire population is Slavophone.

Despite trying to provoke locals by calling to question their identity, the local people of Psarades reaffirmed their Greek identity, and that they are indeed Slavophone Greeks rather than a separate “Macedonian” identity.

The journalist harasses a local person saying that there is a “big issue” in Greece with the “Macedonian minority.” The journalist then asks the local person if they think there is a “Macedonian minority?”

Although the journalist was clearly trying to discredit Greece on apparent restrictions or abuses against minorities and their identity, he would not have expected the local person to say “there is no such thing” as a Macedonian minority and that this is Greek land. Not satisfied with her answer, the journalists then against asks her if there is a “Macedonian minority,” in which she again answers “no, no.” READ MORE BY FOLLOWING THE LINK