Almaz-Antey claims that tests of “anti-space weapon” S-500 will start later this year

Last month, a subsidiary of S-500 maker Almaz-Antey confirmed that multiple components of the next generation air defence system had been developed and tested, with the completed complex to start testing with the military later this year, Sputnik reported.

The S-500 is not just a conventional air and missile defence system, but an anti-space weapon whose introduction will fundamentally change Russia’s air defence capabilities, says Col. (ret) Sergei Khatylev, former head of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the special forces command of the Russian Air Force.

“The system is capable of solving several tasks, for example, the detection and destruction of conventional aerodynamic targets, airplanes and helicopters, cruise missiles – anything that flies at speeds up to hypersonic. But besides this, the S-500 can shoot down ballistic targets, and not just during the downward portion of their flight, but at all other stages as well. And here the speeds are already cosmic – several km per second,” Khatylev said, speaking to the Moskovskiy Komsomolets newspaper.

With its ability to take out targets at a range of up to 600 km and an altitude of nearly 200 km, the S-500 can effectively defend against targets in near space. In other words… CONTINUE READING BY FOLLOWING THE LINK