U.S. Navy silently commissions two nuclear attack submarines

USS Vermont (SSN-792), the Navy’s first block IV Virginia-class nuclear attack submarine, joined the fleet over the weekend in a subdued administrative action transitioning the boat to normal operations without the pomp and circumstance of a comissioning ceremony ashore. COVID-19-related restrictions limiting travel and the size of public gatherings caused the Navy and Vermont’s commissioning committee to cancel the public ceremony.

By Ben Werner

“This Virginia-class fast-attack submarine will continue the proud naval legacy of the state of Vermont and the ships that have borne her name,” Acting Secretary of the Navy James E. McPherson said in a statement. “I am confident the crew of this cutting edge platform will carry on this tradition and confront the challenges of today’s complex world with the professionalism and dedication our nation depends on from warriors of the silent service.”

Block IV Virginia-class submarines are designed to increase the time between major maintenance periods. Block IV submarines are expected to go out on 15 deployments and enter three planned availabilities. Virginia-class Block I, II and III submarines have four planned availabilities and 14 deployments across the life of the boats, according to the Navy. READ MORE HERE