U.S. hypersonic missile to travel 17 times the speed of sound?

Last Friday, at a White House ceremony unveiling the flag of the US Space Force, President Donald Trump said the US was working on a ‘super-duper’ missile that is 17 times faster than adversaries’ weapons. The comment, referring to hypersonic missiles in development by the Department of Defence (DOD), is part of an array of “incredible military equipment at a level that nobody has ever seen before,” Trump said.


Trump added: “And you take the fastest missile we have right now — you’ve heard Russia has five times, and China is working on five or six times. We have one 17 times. And it’s just gotten the go-ahead.

“Seventeen times faster, if you can believe that, General. That’s something, right? Seventeen times faster than what we have right now. Fastest in the world by a factor of almost three.”

The President’s comments refer to hypersonic missiles which have become a focal point of investment in the US, China and Russia. Hypersonics have the potential to subvert traditional air defence by travelling too fast to be hit and are seen as a strategic disruptor by NATO.

Responding to a request for clarification on the comments, Department of Defence (DOD) spokesman US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Robert N. Carver told Army Technology: “We will not discuss capabilities of any systems we may or may not have under development. Hypersonics is a characteristic of flight defined generally as flight at speeds over Mach 5… READ THE ANALYSIS HERE