Massive cyberattacks against Israel in search of coronavirus vaccine research data

As a cyberattack shut down hundreds of Israeli websites last week, research centers working on a vaccine for the novel coronavirus were also targeted by a cyberattack, Channel 12 reported on Monday. The attacks attempted and failed to damage the vaccine development process, but did not attempt to steal information.


Cyberattacks have been reported on other vaccine research centers around the world, including in the US and UK. Some of the attacks have been blamed on Russia and China.

Important aspects of the country’s efforts to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus are networked and are vulnerable to a variety of cyberattacks, Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) Chief Yigal Unna said in April.

Cybersecurity firm Checkpoint Software Technologies explained that cyberattacks related to the coronavirus are on the rise in Israel and the world with 20,000 attacks reported every day throughout the world, despite the overall number of cyberattacks dropping slightly.

As of Thursday evening, there was no indication that Iran stood behind the attack on the Israeli websites. According to Checkpoint, the attack was conducted by nine attackers who have been operating since April. Their profiles seem to connect them to Turkey, North Africa and the Gaza Strip. READ MORE ON THIS INTERESTING REPORT HERE