Polish Land Forves received first batch of Leopards 2PL

On Thursday, Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa announced that it finished the construction process of the first two upgraded Leopard 2PL main battle tanks to the Polish Army.

By Dylan Malyasov

“Works aimed at collecting the next three tanks are to be completed this week,” the news release says. “The formally completing production of vehicles is an important stage in the program, enabling the start of delivery of subsequent batches of modernized Leopards 2PL.”

Over the past two weeks, very intensive work has been carried out to complete the tests of the Leopard 2PL tanks and start passing vehicles to the Army.

This week, the first batch of Leopards 2PL has been picked up by the User at Zakłady Mechaniczne “Bumar-Łabędy” S.A. in Gliwice. The tanks will be delivered to the 10th Armored Cavalry Brigade stationed in Świętoszów. READ MORE AT DEFENCE BLOG