“Black Hawk helicopters will soon be part of the Albanian Air Force”

The admission contract for the equipping of the Albanian Air Force with “Black Hawk” helicopters, part of a program co-financed by the Albanian and American governments, was signed today in Tirana. The contract was signed at the Albanian air base in Farka, by Defense Minister Olta Xhaçka and US Ambassador Yuri Kim.

“Black Hawk helicopters that will soon be part of the Albanian Air Force, NATO investment in Kuçova base, radar system after the agreement with the American company Lockeed Martin, are indicators of the resurgence of the Air Force, thanks to the support and the strategic ally,” Xhaçka said.

“The United States and Albania stand “side by side” today, tomorrow and all tomorrows beyond, ” Ambassador Yuri Kim added during the signing ceremony. Two helicopters are expected to arrive in Albania within a year.

Ambassador Kim explained that they “can carry out various missions for many years to come. “They can carry out search and rescue operations, fight fires and transport troops to and from combat, among others.”

She added that together with the helicopters “this program covers training for pilots, crew and maintenance crews, support with spare parts and most importantly, assistance for institutional reforms to adapt tactics, techniques and procedures to ensure that these aircraft to remain fruitful for a long time in the future “.