Air refuelling over the Black Sea for Russian Air Force Su-30SM and Su-24M fighters

Crews of the multipurpose Su-30SM fighters and Sukhoi Su-24M front line bombers of the naval aviation and air defence of the Black sea fleet (BSF) has worked refueling the fuel from the aircraft tanker in the air within the flight tactical exercise (FTE). Refueling of combat vehicles in the air was provided by the crew of the Il-78 tanker aircraft.

Training to replenish fuel reserves in the air was carried out alternately in the permissible minimum and maximum height limits. The distance between the planes during refueling did not exceed 10-12 meters, while the distance from the sensor cone to the refueling rod was determined visually by the pilots.

The ability to perform this operation must be possessed by every pilot who controls an aircraft that has a system for refueling fuel in flight. Refueling without landing at the airport significantly increases the flight range, increases the tactical range of the aircraft and the ability to perform tasks.

In total, the event involved two pairs of Su-30SM and Su-24M from the naval aviation and air defense units of the Black Sea Fleet.