Fifth USAF F-16 loss since May 2020, pilot survived the crash

A USAF F-16C Viper from the 49th Wing crashed on landing at Holloman AFB at approximately 18.00 local New Mexico time on Jul. 13, 2020. The single crewmember ejected from the aircraft and sustained minor injuries according to an official media release by the 49th Wing Public Affairs office at Holloman.Officials at Holloman AFB said, “An investigation conducted by a board of qualified officers is underway to determine the cause of the incident.”


Holloman AFB is home to several units including the 49th Wing, known primarily for their Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) operations. The 49th Wing shares Holloman AFB with the 54th Fighter Group assigned to the 56th Fighter Wing of the Air Education and Training Command.

Only two weeks ago on June 30, 2020, a USAF F-16CM Fighting Falcon crashed at Shaw AFB near Sumter, South Carolina. The single crewmember on board, 32-year-old 1st Lt. David Schmitz from the 77th Fighter Squadron, did not survive the ejection.

This latest accident for the U.S. Air Force brings the number of mishaps since the beginning of May, 2020 to at least seven. In addition to the two F-16 crashes in two weeks, recent USAF accidents also include... CONTINUE READING HERE