Sevmash: Borey-A class strategic missile submarine “Prince Oleg” is floating

July 16, at the Sevmash Production Association JSC (part of OSK JSC), a solemn ceremony was held for the floating out of the strategic missile submarine of the Borey-A project, the “Prince Oleg.”

The event was attended by representatives of government, the Ministry of Defense, the Navy, the United Shipbuilding Corporation, JSC PO Sevmash, Central Design Bureau MT “Rubin,” and the government of the Arkhangelsk region.

Withdrawing the ship, and its floating out from the Sevmash construction hall marks the completion of a significant stage in the construction of nuclear submarines.

The nuclear-powered missile submarine “Prince Oleg,” known as a nuclear submarine cruiser in Russian terminology, was built to the improved Borey-A project design, and belongs to the fourth generation of nuclear-powered submarines designed for the Russian Navy. The designer is TsKB MT Rubin.

Before the floating out, Father Benjamin performed the ceremony of blessing the crew and consecrating the submarine.

At the ceremony, words of greeting were delivered by the First Deputy Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region Aleksey Alsufiev, Admiral Alexander Vitko, Chief of the Main Staff of the Navy, Leonid Strugov, First Vice President of OSK JSC, Mikhail Budnichenko, General Director of Sevmash Production Association, General Director of Central Design Bureau MT Rubin Igor Vilnit.

Sevmash CEO Mikhail Budnichenko noted the significance of today’s event for the company and the fleet. “These boats will define the face of the Russian Navy in the 21st century,” he said. “I sincerely want to express my deep gratitude to everyone who, hand in hand with us for all these years, painstakingly built this ship every day. The result of that labor is this ship which we see today.”

By tradition, the crew commander of the nuclear submarine “Prince Oleg,” captain of the 2nd rank Igor Golubev, broke a bottle of champagne on the side of the nuclear-powered ship. At a speed of about one meter per minute on a slipway train, the ship began to move toward the open gates of the workshop, and then into the enterprise’s bulk pool.

After the withdrawal from the boathouse of the agro-industrial complex “Prince Oleg,” factory and state tests are awaited. They will be provided by the delivery team of Sevmash under the leadership of the responsible deliverer Mikhail Polzikov and the crew of the ship.

Background notes:

The solemn ceremony of laying the keel of the submarine “Prince Oleg” was held on July 27, 2014. The lead submarine of the Borey-A project series, “Prince Vladimir,” is already serving in the Northern Fleet. The St. Andrew’s flag on the ship was hoisted at Sevmash on June 12, 2020.

The Prince Vladimir differs from the first three Borevs (the Yury Dolgoruky, Alexander Nevsky and Vladimir Monomakh) by its lower noise level, more advanced systems for maneuvering and keeping at depth, as well as weapon control.

Work is continuing on the construction of three more production nuclear submarines of the Borey-A project: on the slipways of JSC Sevmash, Generalissimus Suvorov, Emperor Alexander III, and Prince Pozharsky are being worked on.

According to the Naval Doctrine of the Russian Federation, in future submarines of this project, which are being built in a large series, will form the basis of Russia’s naval strategic nuclear forces.

Source: Sevmash JSC; issued July 16, 2020 / Unofficial translation by