Top priority for U.S. Armed Forces the protection of Guam from Chinese missiles

The head of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command told reporters today he wants the Aegis Ashore ballistic missile defense system to bolster the defense of Guam from Chinese missiles. The Aegis Ashore Baseline 10 system should be “the backbone of [a] homeland defense system” for Guam, Adm. Phil Davidson said during a Defense Writers Group virtual roundtable.


“The reason I’m a key advocate for that is first: it is technology that is available to us now and could be delivered by 2026, when I believe the threat will require us to have a much more robust capability than the combination of [Terminal High Altitude Area Defense], which is deployed there now, and an Aegis ship in response can provide,” Davidson said.

Davidson said the current defense system for Guam is not adequate to thwart potential Chinese missiles. “When you look at the way the threat capability, threat capacity, is manifesting from China in the future – whether it’s ballistic missiles from the land or whether it’s ballistic or cruise missiles from air and maritime platforms – you are going to need a complete clock, a 360-degree coverage in order to help defend Guam,” the admiral said.

Aegis Ashore is based on the same air search radars and vertical launch systems found aboard the Navy’s guided-missile cruisers and destroyers. The land system was developed… READ MORE HERE