CHINA-PLA: Vehicle-mounted countermeasures system

Chinese state-owned media has released images of what it described as an “integrated protection system” in service with a brigade of the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force (PLARF).

By Samuel Cranny-Evans

The images, which were released by the PLA-sponsored China Military Online website on 18 July, show the vehicle-mounted countermeasures system launching a jamming projectile during an exercise held on 12 July in the Gobi Desert in northwestern China.

The images do not show most of the vehicle, which is covered with a camouflage netting, but a rail launcher mounted on the load tray at the rear of the vehicle is visible. The rail can carry up to 12 launchers, each of which fire four countermeasures rockets.

The vehicle has also been fitted with wind and meteorological sensors, which are visible in the images through the netting.