U.S. Navy mocks Iranians on the Instagram for the dummy aircraft carrier

The US Navy mocked Iran after its paramilitary forces fired underground missiles at a dummy US aircraft carrier on Wednesday. The photo, posted on the Navy’s Instagram account, featured a replica aircraft carrier built by Iran, along with the caption: “Iran builds target ship. They’re experts at that.”


The US’s naval fleet is unparalleled in the rest of the world, outranking every country both technologically and in terms of size, with an armada of 11 aircraft carriers. Iran has no flattops.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard instead relies on large groups of small low-tech seacraft to launch swarm attacks, as demonstrated on the US mock-up vessel that was pulled into the Strait of Hormuz over the past couple of days.

“We cannot speak to what Iran hopes to gain by building this mock-up, or what tactical value they would hope to gain by using such a mock-up in a training or exercise scenario,” Cmdr. Rebecca Rebarich, a spokesperson in the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet, which oversees operations in the Middle East, told The Associated Press.

“We remain confident in our naval forces’ ability to defend themselves against any maritime threat,” she added. The drill appeared to be an attempted show of force against US ships, which Iran has previously built replicas of and fired missiles at. READ MORE HERE

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