South Korea: Light aircraft carrier under cnsideration

The government is thinking of turning a large multi-purpose transport ship that is already under construction into a light aircraft carrier, an insider said Tuesday.


That would make it possible to bring forward the scheduled launch of the carrier from 2033 to 2030. The government may also procure F-35B vertical takeoff/landing aircraft that could be carried by it by that time.

The source said the idea reflects President Moon Jae-in’s determination not to be left behind by Japan’s light aircraft-carrier plans. “The Defense Ministry, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Navy, and the Air Force are giving serious thought” to the idea, the source said.

Japan is currently turning two Izumo-class helicopter carriers into light aircraft carriers with a goal of finishing the project by around 2024. China has deployed two midsize aircraft carriers warfare-ready and is building another two. READ MORE HERE