Turkey blocked airspace for a German military plane on its way to Yerevan-Armenia

Turkey blocked an Armenia-bound German military plane at the end of July, Spiegel reported on Friday. According to the information published by Spiegel, Turkish air traffic controllers denied permission to a German air force transport plane, a gray Airbus 310, which had taken off from Cologne. The plane had to return to base.

The plane was reportedly on its way to Yerevan to pick up Armenian soldiers who are to be trained in Germany. The Bundeswehr (the German army) cooperates with Armenia on a military level, and soldiers from both countries are working together in Afghanistan.

Turkey has no diplomatic relations with Armenia. The German military had to choose a much longer flight route over Russia in mid-August to pick up the soldiers, as a result of the Turkish action.

“Refusing military machines to fly over is a popular punitive action by autocratic states,” says the Spiegel report, contrasting it with the approval that is “considered routine among NATO partners.”